After watching From Isfahan to Irvine, I was on a documentary craze and watched every documentary that was available to me on Netflix. When emails about the Foreign Film Club started to appear, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved and was waiting in anticipation until the day came. On November 17th, the day finally came and I was able to watch The Year My Parents Went On Vacation. A brazilian film, the movie explored Brazil’s sociopolitical environment that I had never even heard about. The film was an awakening experience and I learned a great deal about the country of Brazil. I can’t wait for another Foreign Film Club meeting!

I decided to attend the documentary film screening of From Isfahan to Irvine on impulse. I had no idea what the film’s sole topic was and I figured that I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night anyways. I arrived early for the screening and was greeted by a couple of people who gave me a vague gist of what the film would be about. From their explanations, I gathered that the film would be like any other boring documentary on BBC but after a good thirty minutes into the film, I was hooked. Unlike any film that I have seen, From Isfahan to Irvine enlightened and inspired me. He was so devoted to his work and formed a career around[…]

Wanting to meet new friends and make long-lasting connections with others, I decided to be involved in OU Cousins. The process was easy and after attending an orientation and party-event, I finally met and matched with my new OU cousin Samantha. Born in Mexico, Samantha is fluent in three languages and is a pre-med biology major just like I am. We both have the same tastes in music and she hates ginger just as much as I do. A true connection has been made between us and I believe that this is one of the most valuable friendships that I have ever made in my life. Before meeting Samantha, I never would have thought that there were perspectives that differed[…]

I went with friends on October 27th to celebrate the end of midterms at Oktoberfest. Both a long walk and a total workout, the trip to Oktoberfest was exciting. I had never experienced any Oktoberfests prior to this one and I never knew what amazing things I was missing out on. The food at Oktoberfest was delicious and had typical fair food and a wide variety of meat to eat. I learned a lot of new things at Oktoberfest. I found out that it originated in Munich, Germany and occurred each year around the month of October. It was such a fun event to attend and I also had the opportunity to learn about the history of Oktoberfest.

On September 24th, I participated in the International Day of Peace Walk by accident. I was attending the Turkish festival that weekend and had arrived at exactly 10am that morning for the food and the festivities. Halfway through a meat kebab and entering into a food coma, a large swarm of people began to develop. It appeared as though they were preparing for a rally but upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a walk celebrating International Day of Peace. My friends urged me to go walk with them and I did so willingly. Though it was a short thirty minute walk, I made some great connections with some great individuals who were passionate to learn about my culture as[…]